Saturday, January 19, 2013


We will be leaving with two checked bags, a purse and two carry ons.

Yep. We are taking the big leap and moving across the country this spring! We have a date in mind, but it is pending some things like us being able to get the money scraped together to survive for a month or two in case work does not come as quickly as we would like.

So over the next two or so months, we are going to try and scrape together a few thousand dollars, and finish checking off our packing list.

We need at least one hiking backpack. I would prefer two though. I figure I managed to fit my whole life into two bags before, I should be able to do it again. Unfortunately now we will be trying to fit two lives! I do intend to try and take a trip home at the end of summer for my birthday though. When we travel, we are going by bus, so we need to keep stuff for almost four days in our carry ons (hence needing the space that a hiking back pack would give).

Carry on:
electronics: camera, laptop, batteries, phones, chargers.
clothing: at least one complete change of clothes for each of us.
blankets: just one or two small fleece blankets
food: we will have lots of stops along the way (apparently) but I would prefer to save that money and make sure we have enough snacks that we aren't terribly hungry if we miss a rest stop. Veggies, snacks, sandwiches for the first day or two, juice water and pop...
entertainment: our dvds, headphones, cards, a book or two..

Then there is the fact that we need to bring a blanket and a sleeping bag and some bedding, the best fitting clothes for various activities an seasons... I am hoping we can leave the ski jackets back home until the summer trip. Some cans of food and noodles so that we don't necessarily  have to scrounge up groceries as soon as we get to the town.

My hours at work are really crappy and just look like they are getting worse. So I'm not sure what to do... I'm barely breaking even right now... Monday I'm going to go around and hit up the retail stores in town and see if I can talk my way into a day position the winter months... snow sucks but the mountain is still fairly busy. Fingers crossed I can find a position that can keep me busy until Easter!

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