Saturday, August 18, 2012

Ramblings from a night of searching travel blogs

I have been chronically bitten by the travel bug but cursed with a lack of resources to do go. Once again my feet have gotten that itchy, burning sensation that says: GO SOMEWHERE! My goal has been to travel to a new country, once a year. 2010, I went to Georgia. 2011 I went to the west coast of the US to see friends and be at the wedding for two of my friends. 2012... I have not been so lucky this year. So far I was invited to France by an Aunt but unable to afford it (sadly, it would have cost me only my flight and what I wanted to spend while there) and I had been thinking about making plans to go to Cuba but don't want to travel alone.

I have never once boarded a plane with somebody else, or shared a trip with somebody who is full time in my life (in Georgia I made some very good friends so I did get to share some experiences with them, but I am talking about family: my parents, sibling, or fiance. When I went to the US I was staying with those friends from Georgia). There were several times when I was travelling that I went hmmm that would be perfect to share with _______.

I have decided that I want to home school any children I have until they are about gr 6. I do want them in the public school system for the sake of social development and those 'ahah' moments of personal growth. Not to say that children who are home schooled all the way through don't have those. I just don't feel that I would have the resources to provide those through education. Part of why I want to home school is so that I can travel with my family after their school year is done. I am intrigued by the idea of finding creative, budget conscious, ways of bringing their education into their life. It's also a good way of participating in what they are interested in.

That's several years down the road still, but it's good to have goals made in advance. For now I would just settle for having some money in the bank so that if another opportunity to travel or visit pops up, I could actually take it and go!

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  1. It's wonderful that you have so many goals at your age. Best of luck in making them happen!!