Saturday, May 12, 2012

Food, Family and Mayhem

They say the third times a charm, so wish me luck with my third and final attempt at blogging!

This last year has brought a whole host of changes to my life- my mom passing away, mutually seperating and drawing closer to certain members of my extended family, taking on a bunch of new responsibilities, and welcoming my fiance to the craziness that is my world. Luckily I don't have to pull through this alone- I have my family and friends to help carry the strain. 

Why a new blog? Well, I'm starting a new phase in my life and it just felt wrong and weird to use my old one. I also have very different goals for this one. I may continue to use my old one for IT'S goals- which was travel talk. I'm shutting down my facebook because there were just too many issues, and to be very honest I spent too much time on it and worrying about what other people would think of me based off of what content I put up. I plan to use this to update people on our wedding plans, provide information on causes and organizations that I feel are important, and to get me back into the habbit of writing on a regular basis. Gotta kick myself in the butt to get back into shape for NaNoWriMo so I can take it seriously this year!

I am hoping to be able to post three times a week. Each post will have a different purpose, all though I suspect sometimes they will overlap and become just one post. 1)An update! Some pictures, a wedding announcement or just a good old adventure. 2)A reflection- thoughts inspired by a song, book, movie, or quote. Finally, 3) A review of an event in the news, an organization I support, or my views on a trend. These will be opinions but as always, I will try to do my homework on them!

Wish me luck!

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