Monday, May 21, 2012

Summertime Blues? No thanks!

Hey guys, so I fell behind last week but it's because I decided on two different items in politics/ the news to commentary on, but I need to do some research on it first! So look forward to my commentary on the Occupy! Movement, which believe it or not is still going (all though not on the same level it was); and on Bill C-31, which will make it impossible for many groups to apply for refugee status or appeal immigration decisions. I want to make sure I have well rounded information.

Now, on to my life update! Ladies, and Gents, I had the most amazing week! This week was beautiful, warm and sunny - the the exception of a day and a half but that can be forgiven as I needed to catch up on my sleep anyways. Ordinarily, this weekend is nice. This year it was amazing. This whole past week has been beyond positive.

What made it so wonderful? I got a second job which works well with my other in terms of scheduling. Mark worked steady the entire week and has a good chance of steady work for the rest of the summer. I found the dress I want, just have to get measured and purchase it now. I had a girls night with two of my friends who have been out of province/country for school. Mark and I set the date for our wedding, I babysat quite a bit which was good for some extra cash, allowed me to hang out with a friend I don't get to see too much, and well, I got my baby fix-- I have maternal drive so if I can babysit enough, I don't want my own baby so bad, ha ha. I also got a really awesome date night this week with my man <3 . Also I got my garden dug and I'm planting seeds after dinner when the sun goes down- it's well over 30c out with the humidex.

Of course, no week is complete with a bit of negativity, but this time it's very easily the kind I can ignore: everyone seems to have an opinion on how I should do my wedding. Wouldn't it be great if I could grow the balls to tell them to bugger off and let Mark and I do our own thing? Maybe he did take the smarter approach in not telling his parents. Oh, and I'm down a size (this is not a huge deal... I can gain or lose a size within a day or two of a dietary change, but it's still a good sign). Originally I wanted a closed ceremony and open reception, and for the reception to be a potluck. We would do it more like a giant party than anything else. I got the spiel about how upset people will be if they don't get invited to the wedding, then about how tacky it is to do a pot luck (even though I've heard stories from several people about how the only or best wedding receptions they have ever been to have been potluck). So, since I now have to provide enough food for either a very large wedding or an open wedding, I've had to decide to do a buck and doe but the only chance I have to do one is this summer. I've gotten a LOT of support on this from my friends who are psyched for it, but the same family that have been opposed to the above are against us doing a buck and doe so much in advance. But seriously. Who is gonna show to a buck and doe in the middle of february? I wouldn't even have bridesmaids at that point in time... hell I should, in theory, be in the middle of exams then! This is one point I have told people to bite me, on. They can chose not to come if they want to. I'm not asking for tones of money, it's just a party to announce the wedding arrangements, let people know it will be open invite, and give out our registry info! I'm just looking for a good time, all though it would be nice to get the finances to pay for the food and seating for the reception.

Last week, I barely slept as I was too busy being excited, or happy, or hyper. Those two cold days were wonderful for sending me back into hybernate mode and letting me catch up.

This upcoming week is a bit more neutral, but hopefully it will be just as nice out and just as energetic! I've started trying to tell those of my friends something positive because I feel very strongly that the positive needs to be passed along!

Please stay tuned for my two updates later this week, and someone comment or email me about my last post! I need feedback! Wednesday, my post is going to be regarding travel types and a book idea I have. It will ALSO require lots of feedback.

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