Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Not for Sale: Resourceful Education

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Based out of California, USA, Not for Sale is an organization dedicated to abolition and education. They act to educate people on the ways that trafficking occur world wide, attempt to provide fare trade options for consumers, and act on the frontline to remove men, women and children from unhealthy, unlawful situations of trafficking.

David Batstone credits the original idea for Not for Sale from an article he read, similar to Craig Kielburger of Ontario, that gave details on a slavery and trafficking related death.

Different abolitionist movements cite different numbers on how many people are trafficked annually and how many people currently live in slavery around the world. Not for Sale gives a number that many sources list: about 30 million. That is nearly the entire population of Canada. This is the number of people currently trafficked or held for the purpose of exploitation and covers any number of different fields. For those readers who have a strong sense of empathy towards people suffering, I recommend you click the link at the bottom, and explore the different avenues of education that this organization offers. It is not just field work, but there are classes and options for those who wish to work on the home field to help stop trafficking. Explore the slavery map and see what's listed. I was surprised to find an article about the next town over from myself I had never heard about, and find that an event I did know of had not been listed. It may surprise you to look at what actually occurs in your back yard. 

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