Saturday, May 26, 2012

Poetry for a purpose

I started writing several years ago. There has been very few items I have ever been proud to claim as my own though. When I was in my early teens, I began to try at writing poetry. Today I will share the two pieces I am most proud of. 

Number one: It is a memorial poem I wrote when my uncle died close to christmas a few years ago. I read it at the funeral, as I stood with my sister and his eldest daughter who was my best friend for quite some time. Please acknowledge the fact that these poems are cited as mine, and while I do not mind if you use them for something else, that they were written with certain purposes and emotional commitments behind them.

Number two: Was one I wrote to go with a piece of artwork I drew- one of the very few that turned out anything like I had hoped they would. It was also intended to be the prologue to a story line I have worked on and off with for quite some time. Eventually, this poem will act either as a chapter heading, or the prologue itself. Again, note that these are mine, and I have posted them elsewhere on the internet with the copy right to myself.

Angels singing in the sky, 
Though man can't see them with his eye;
But you who's gone can see their splendor,
Shining light, the path of the mender.

Time will pass, and we’ll move on,
Though no doubt you won’t be gone.
As long as those who knew you best,
Continue to remember, you may rest.

You blazed your path-
Though your life was short,
You left your family
-With good memories in their heart.

You had your share of ups and downs, 
Though your love, it knew no bounds.
We’ve got to go, and let you Live;
Though it won’t be easy, we’re willing to forgive,
That you went and left us, because your pain is over,
Good-bye and please, make sure we don’t surrender.
To the times around, help us be strong, and maybe it won’t really seem that long,
For next we see you, then we’ll all be much better. 


Faeries here, so bravely dancing;
Wings of light, dreams enhancing,
This realm of flight I enter here
Though I'm just a mortal mere.

The trail ahead is lost to sight-
The mornings sun is burning bright.
No sign of anyone, the path seems cold,
Yet night of last they danced so bold.

Here and there among the grass
A ring is found, though it isn't brass;
Not set in gold, no jewels found
A fairy home, they danced round and round. 

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